Daphne is a Traveler, or a unique individual who can move through time.


Enjoyable Time-Travel Romance

Let me start by saying that the description does not do this justice.


Stayed up all night reading

The Paris Portal is engaging and fun. A good mix of fantasy, rebellion, romance, and history, this novel makes you itching for a sequel!


The Paris Portal is engaging and fun.

Let me just start by saying that this book is such an interesting read.


What made this story good is the attention to the small historical details

Great story line that pulls you in to follow Daphne’s adventure. Ready to see where her travels take her, and the mischief she finds. Love it.


Loved it! Very entertaining. It kept me guessing through the whole book.


Loved it! Very entertaining

One of the things that struck me were small cultural facets that kept the integrity of the setting intact, such as the prevalence of cigarettes everywhere-a very French thing, I’m told.


Attention to detail