Closet projects

Projects that are worked on here and there between our main novels. They don’t have an expected release date, and we don’t know which we’ll be focusing on next, but they sure are fun to look at.

TheOdysseyThe Odyssey

Set amidst the stars and a new of world. Told in three parts—Odysseus, seeking the solace of home; Telemachus, searching for a missing mother with an AI’s help; and Penelope, wielding political power for a new era.
(Sci-fi novellas)

Memento MoriMomentoMori3

An old magic is fading, and an old city is calling to new monsters. They say to keep your enemies close, but how close is too close, and does that really matter when a woman can tell you how you’ll die over coffee?
(Urban fantasy standalone)

HighFantasyHigh Fantasy

The prophecy is as old as anyone can remember, and so are the sacrifices and tribute, but the chosen one has never been found. With the help of one deviously misleading gnome, that might be about to change.
(Length undetermined)