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Daphne Seidler is a Traveler, one of few uniquely gifted individuals who can move through time, and is charged by the enigmatic Society to locate lost antiquities throughout the ages. Her latest mission in the 1920’s challenges everything she believes when she meets Julien Lefèvre, son of a Parisian crime boss, and inadvertently prevents his death. Torn between her love for him and her duty to preserve history, she is forced to decide his fate.

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TPI The Paris Invasion

Two years after saving Julien, Daphne has her life back, and Julien is making a place for himself in a drastically changed world. He made sure that their life would be as easy as possible, and she is now training future Travelers. But her replacement doesn’t return from her first assignment, and worse: she isn’t the first to go missing. It falls to Daphne to travel back to the 1940’s, but faced with potentially life-threatening danger, she won’t be going alone.

Expected September 2018